Dandora, Nairobi

PROJECT FOR 2016: Early Childhood Development Centre, Dandora Nairobi

This year, we are partnering with Nairobi based charity DADREG – Dandora Dumpsite Rehabilitation Group. We are funding the construction of our third Early Childhood Development Centre and work is scheduled to begin in the summer.

Dandora DumpsiteDandora Dumpsite

The Dandora dumpsite is the largest in Eastern and Central Africa, employing 10,000 people. 55% of those working their are women and children.

Proposal from DADREG

We are requesting funding to set up an ECD Centre for children between 2-6 years of age. These children accompany their mothers to work in the dumpsite. The effect of toxic waste in the dumpsite has been affecting their health.

DADREG runs training sessions for those mothers working in the dumpsite. The rooms are too small to accommodate the mothers and their children. We hope that the ECD Centre will provide space for the children to stay and get an education and play whilst their parents are training.

DADREG has a piece of land within the area we work, measuring 0.12 hectare. It is a big piece of land where we intend to have the ECD and a Vocational Training Centre for women and girls who work in the dumpsite so that whilst they are busy training, their children are being taken care of.

On April 2015, DADREG and Community Development Initiative carried out research on the livelihood of people working in the Dandora dumpsite. The research found out that people go to work in the dumpsite because they lack skills to enable them compete with others in the job market. Children aged 4-18 years form the bulk of people working/ scavenging in the dumpsite. They are forced to work with their mothers to supplement family income. At DADREG, we realized that we could not support children without supporting their mothers because they would still go back to scavenge for food. Thus, DADREG came up with a project to build skills and provide start up capital to the mothers so that they are able to provide for their children.

DADREG also works with schools. Most schools where we take the children to start primary education have asked us if it is possible for us to get these children to go to an ECD before being taken to primary school. Unfortunately, the majority of ECD centres or pre schools are managed in the private hands where fees need to be paid. This is also the other reason why we are seeking support to enable us set up an ECD Centre in Dandora so that children who work or scavenge in the dumpsite would have an opportunity to start education early instead of being in the dumpsite.”


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